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Jul 3, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >>> did you know that we rank up near the top with california, florida and texas for running red lights over this holiday? this is according to the national coalition for safer roads. the way we've been handling four way stops you can see why we're concerned. in our state 38% more violations occur this 4th of july week. so for everything you need to know, go to we have a 4th of july guide. it has everything from cooking tips to lessing firework displace. >>> well, tons of debris and lots of cleanup still ahead of us. >> yesterday we heard noon. today there's a different goal for the bge customers at stevenson and bellona. we'll bring you a live update on when these folks might get their power back. >> how bge reinforcements are hitting the ground running. >> this is a great night to download our weather app. zoo forget our weather app where you can put the radar in motion i'm using it now to track a severe storm moving out of pennsylvania to the hagerstown area. how that might impact central maryland coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] one day it will hit you. by r
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm EDT
down towards dallas texas. little rock 101, this will branch off and head east unfortunately as we head in to next week. we have the stationary front now, through the evening, going in to tonight. here comes the high pressure out of canada, more of a northerly wind. that's the dry air, allowing to punch through the state that gets us to sunshine and lower humidity. 69 going to around 70 for the low, up in to the 80s tomorrow. we will watch the progress of the front, popping a shower or thunderstorm. it looks to be towards the south of town. the forecast, the rest of tonight, temperatures between 67- 69 degrees cloudy, spotty showers for the rest of the evening. starting on a cloudier note. breaking in with sunshine. showers could hold tough over the eastern shore. your seven-day forecast, a nice day on sunday. sunday is going to be the pick of the next two. 86. back in to the 90s with the human that could trigger a scattered shower and thunderstorm. wham in to next week. i will take 90 over 104 any day. >> it's a walk in the park. >> a night and day difference. >> on the go, a wild
Jul 10, 2012 6:00pm EDT
o'malley and the louisiana governor on a war of words over texas. >> we're not going to raise texas, unlike other states that have raised their taxes, like maryland and illinois. we have not raised taxes since i've been governor. >> he touted his state's record on taxes while talking about a new business outsourcing center. >>> a closer look at taxes in maryland shows that we're actually paying about 11% of our income toward taxes. according to the tax foundation, maryland ranks number 4 in the country, behind new jersey, new york and connecticut. >>> our state leaders have approved five areas in the state to provide businesses with income tax and property tax credits to help create and keep jobs. the zones include parts of baltimore city and four other counties in the state. these areas will receive more than $35 million in property tax credits next year. >>> a device designed to help here could make a difference for others. >> now i have a child who reads and speaks. >> hearing problems are helping doctors when it comes to diagnosing dyslexia. >>> and good news for housing members
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3